Healthy Start Coalition of Pinellas Inc.


MomCare - A Program by the Healthy Start Coalition of Pinellas, Inc. , Inc.MomCare is sponsored by the Florida Department of Health and Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration. The program is implemented through Maternity Care Advisors (MCA) who contact clients to link them to prenatal care, WIC, Healthy Start as well as other community resources they may need.

If you are pregnant, you may qualify for this special health insurance program. To see if you are eligible, review the income guidelines below. You can apply for this program if your family meets these guidelines, even if you or other family members are working.

Once you are enrolled, the program will cover medical care and hospitalization during your pregnancy. It may also cover health care bills you received up to three months before your enrollment. There is no cost for this coverage. Your baby may also be eligible for free insurance after he or she is born.

Medicaid insurance for pregnant women is available through a simple application. View and print the application. You may also go to the My Florida website to apply online. Applications are also available at Pinellas County Health Departments or you may call MomCare to get an application mailed to you.

Maternity Care Advisors:

Sabrina Diaz
Telephone: (727) 507-4260 ext. 230

Important Application Details:

Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) will no longer accept the yellow #2700
Health Insurance Application for Pregnant Women. All women apply on line by going to: If only applying for Pregnancy Medicaid (not SNAP/food
stamps or TANF/cash assistance) the process should take under 10 minutes. Complete the
application process by faxing the following items to 1-866-940-7126:

  1. proof of identity (for example, driver’s license),
  2. proof of your U. S. citizenship (for example, birth certificate) or non-citizen status and
  3. proof of last 4 weeks gross income for household members listed on your federal tax return.
    Each faxed page must include your name, date of birth and DCF Case Number.

Note the following:

  • Make sure your income does not exceed the following limits:
Household Size
(Include Your Unborn Child)
Gross Monthly Income
(Before Taxes)
2 $2,470
3 $3,109
4 $3,749
5 $4,389
6 $5,029
7 $5,668
8 $6,308
9 $6,948
10 $7,588
11 $8,227
12 $8,868
If your household contains more than 12 people, add $525 for each additional person.
Income Limits for Medicaid Assistance for Pregnant Woman as of March 2014.
  • Child Support and SSI are not counted as income and proof of pregnancy is not required.
  • As of June 1, 2014, all Medicaid recipients must choose one of the following HMO/PSN
    plans: Amerigroup, Prestige, Sunshine or Staywell. Once your Medicaid is approved, speak
    with your prenatal care provider to see what plan(s) they accept in their practice. To then make this choice, you must go to the following site:
  • Pinellas County Providers who accept Medicaid are listed on the back of this page - make an
    appointment right away! Please note that five practices will see you before your coverage is
    approved. They will bill Medicaid for care given to you once you receive your coverage.
  • If you do not have access to a computer and need a paper application, contact Healthy Start
    (Cindy McNulty) at (727) 507-6330, ext. 229 and one will me mailed to you. Note that the paper application cannot be faxed – the address is on page 7 of the application.
  • You can download the document describing the 2014 pregnancy medicaid updates described on this page.

One of our Maternity Care Advisors will call you or send a letter to you when your Medicaid Insurance application has been approved. Your Medicaid information will be given to you on your request.